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PW 3.0.233 – Core updates and version module updates


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The core version has been bumped to 3.0.233 this week. While there aren't a lot of commits, there are some major updates to the core PagesVersions module. I also thought a version bump would be helpful as there's also a new PagesVersionsPro version released which requires features only available in 3.0.233. 

The PagesVersions module is now pretty much finished in terms of its API and feature set. This week the ability to save and restore partial versions was added, and that was the main remaining thing. By partial versions, I mean the ability to specify what fields are included when a version is saved or restored. Though I think it's primarily useful on the restore side. So if you find you just want to restore one or more particular fields from a past version, rather than all the fields, now you can.

The core PageTable field was also updated to support versions, partially anyway. It supports versioning of items already in the page table, but doesn't handle versioning of items that you might add or remove within a version. It turns out it's going to be a lot of work to do that, so I settled with just partial support for this week. As it is, if you add a new item to the PageTable while in a version, then it'll ask you if you want to import it once you edit the live version. If you delete an item, it'll be deleted from all versions. That's how it works temporarily until it fully supports versions. 

ProFields Table now also supports versions. But there is one case where it doesn't: paginated table fields. A future version of Table will add support for that. Until then, the PagesVersionsPro module does make it clear when a paginated table field won't be added to the version. So now all fields in ProcessWire are supported, except for certain scenarios in PageTable and Table fields. 

A new version of the PagesVersionsPro module was released as well, and this is posted in the PagesVersionPro support board download thread here. This module made a lot of progress this week and will continue to evolve in the coming weeks. I'll copy/paste the version 2 changelog for it below this post. 

This weekend or early next week I also plan to release new versions of ProFields Table and Combo. These versions facilitate versions when doing partial save or restore operations that include file or image fields in Table or Combo fields.

I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Winter/Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus holiday!

Version 2 changelog for PagesVersionsPro

  • Added the ability to select which fields are included during a restore.
  • When doing a restore, it now detects which fields differ between "live" and "version", making it easier for you to choose which fields to restore.
  • When editing a version the “Delete” tab in the page editor now refers to deleting the version rather than trashing the page.
  • The “compare” option has now been improved so that it can better detect differences between the live and version page.
  • During restore, if you “Choose which fields to restore” you now have the option to compare them individually to see what is different between live and version.
  • Added "page-edit-versions" permission so that you can limit the capabilities of this module to specific user roles.
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