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Weekly update – 24 March 2023


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We've got just a few core updates on the dev branch this week, but next week we're looking at finally merging in the InputfieldTinyMCE module! This week I also wrapped up the WireRequestBlocker module that was mentioned in last week post, and the v1 beta is now posted in the ProDevTools download thread. I've been running it here on processwire.com this week and it's been doing a good job of keeping out the vulnerability scanners and bots. For more details on this new module please see the new Wire Request Blocker page that I just posted. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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Hey @ryan sounds like a great module ? 


Finding where your server provides the user’s IP address

If you aren't sure how your server passes through the IP address, upload the following script to your server and then load it in your web browser:

<?php echo "<pre>"; print_r($_SERVER); // IMPORTANT: remove this script as soon as you are done!

In the output, if you see your IP address in REMOTE_ADDR then you should use that. If instead you see it in HTTP_X_FORWARDED_IP or some other property, then you should use that.

Wouldn't it be nice if the module's config screen showed that information? So it would be in a safe space without additional steps to do ? 

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