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Reinstall with same database and templates?


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Is there a way to do a clean reinstall and keep your current content; database and templates configuration?

It is probably not as simple as simply backing up the /site folder and the database and uploading/importing those after a fresh reinstall or is it?

Process Sessions module is missing from my current installation. I have no idea how that happened. It may or may not have something to do with wrong ownership/permissions on folders, that may or may not have been caused by PHP and Apache config changes. If there is another way to fix that, let me know as well, but I'm curious to find out if a full clean install is possible. 

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You may save an project with the module ProcessExportProfile for a new installation.

Open Export Site Profile under Administration. Create a new profile in the input mask. Copy this /site folder (site-yourprojectname) into the installation folder before a new installation, select your site profile, that's it. Everything is included, only own files like ready.php … are not included, have to be transferred manually.

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