ProcessExportProfile by Ryan Cramer

Enables exporting of ProcessWire site profiles for sharing or distribution with others.

Profile Exporter for ProcessWire 3.x

This module exports an installable site profile of your site. It essentially enables you take any site and create files that the ProcessWire installer will recognize when installing a new copy of ProcessWire. This is the tool that is used to export all of the ProcessWire core site profiles.

About site profiles

Site profiles exported by this tool include the following:

  • The site database (but no caches and users)
  • Files associated with pages (/site/assets/files/)
  • Configuration file (/site/config.php), but no DB connection info
  • Template files and related assets (/site/templates/*)
  • Installed site modules (/site/modules/), except for this one
  • Installed custom Page classes (/site/classes/), when used
  • System files in /site/ (ready.php, init.php, finished.php, etc.)

Site profiles do not include users or files not associated with pages (i.e. cache files, log files, etc.). Essentially, a site profile is meant to be a version of a site you can share with others, that contains no confidential data like user or password information.

How to use

Usage instructions are provided directly in the module when using it. After installing, go to "Setup > Export Site Profile" and it will guide you through the rest.

Using a custom install/finish.php file

ProcessWire 3.0.191+ support a /site/install/finish.php file in the site profile which is a plain PHP file that has access to most site API variables and can perform any finishing touches on the site. It is called after the installer finishes but before it deletes installer assets and displays the final status messages to the user.

After exporting a site profile, feel free to modify the default install/finish.php file to suit your needs.

Copyright 2021 by Ryan Cramer

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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