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Textarea CKEditor HTML5 compliant line breaks


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I'm using the W3C validator to check my pages and find that Textarea CKEditor outputs line breaks as <br /> instead of <br>.

Is there a way to make it HTML5 compliant?

I used no text formatter and checked Markup/HTML content type.


EDIT : Same issue with InputfieldForm, <input /> should be <input>



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Hello da²,

I still stand by my comment in that you are in compliance, a warning is not the same as an error, and attempting to circumvent the current processing of text for the sake of clearing a warning may cause more harm than good. That said, this topic came up back in October, and the linked topic should provide you with possible workarounds, if you decide to take them:

EDIT: For any modules that output their own HTML (ex: InputfieldText's ___render() method), you'd need to find, and then override the module's own output method to fix; or setup and run all of your generated HTML through a post-processor.

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