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Is there a simple way to edit tables?


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I have a couple of pages  - all with the same template - and each page needs a couple of small tables for additional data. All of them with totally different rows and columns. I looked into Matrix Fileds, which is a wonderful Module, but as I need about 10 or more different tables that would need dozens of pages to set up rows an columns. Same goes for repeater fields, as I'd need a repeater for every kind of table.

Of course the easiest way would be to set up those tables in CKeditor, and just display them, but the table interface in CKeditor is quite messy and I fear the later editors of the site will mess them up in no time.

Can anyone think of an easy way to set up tabular data which is displayed as tabular data in the backend, without preparing dozens of fields or pages?

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I already thought of purchasing Profields, but as far as I understood profields-table creates a specific DB-Table for every table. That would create about 20-50 tables in my database, each for just a couple of data rows. Thats the sort of overhead I'm trying to avoid.

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