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Wordpress like option to create free content structure


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Hi Community,

I hope this very basic hasn't been asked before.

As with processwires repeater fields Wordpress has the option to add unlimited content items to an article.
The difference is, with processwire repeater field authors can add a defined set
of inputs fields. For example ten headline and body items.

With Wordpress I can do the same (see screenshot below), but the User can choose which content/input type should be added.
So instead of adding a bunch of headline and body fields, authors are free to  choose for example

  • a headline followed by
  • an image gallery followed by
  • an article Text followed
  • by an image description

Is it possible to do something similar with processwire repeaters (or an other field type) that allows authors
to "build" their needed content structure  (without creating a new template that definies the exact fields)?

Thanks for your help,






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