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"choose parent" not showing for non superusers


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I have a strange behaviour that I cannot fully understand. In my page there are child pages who themselves have subpages.

  • Home
    • Child 1
    • Child 2
      • Sub 2.1
    • Child 3
      • Sub 3.1
      • Sub 3.2

A couple of my roles have the right to add new subpages to any of the childpages. Works great if I use the treen navigation and "new" beside one Child. But if I use the "add new" button on the right, or the "add new" link from dropdown in the header, only the superuser is shown a page to choose the parent before adding the subpage.


For any other user it directly creates a subpage in one of the children.

Does anyone know which right is needed to get the selector for other roles than superuser?

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i think a good solution would be to create a new user role to which you will give this permission
then assign this role to the users you want to have it knowing that a user can have several role and will be given all the permissions assigned to this roles

hope it will help

have a nice day

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Thanks, but what permission is it? If I knew I could just give this permission to my userrole, but only superuser seems to get the "choose parent" page. And I cannot give superuser rights to my users. 

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