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PW 3.0.197 – Core updates


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ProcessWire 3.0.197 resolves 9 issue reports and adds 3 feature requests. For details in resolved issues and feature requests, be sure to see the commit log. I'll cover a couple of my favorite feature requests that have been added this week:

New $files->getCSV() method

This comes by way of feature request #400 via @bernhard to add something to abstract away the redundant details of reading a CSV file into one simple method call. 

This simplifies the reading of a CSV file by abstracting file-open, get-header, get-rows and file-close operations into a single method call, where all those operations are handled internally. All you have to do is keep calling the $files->getCSV($filename) method until it returns false. This method will also skip over blank rows by default, unlike PHP’s fgetcsv() which will return a 1-column row with null value. Here's how you use it:

Let's say we have this CSV file (first row is the header):


Here's how you'd use the new method:

while($row = $files->getCSV('/path/to/foods.csv')) {
  echo "Food: $row[Food] ";
  echo "Type: $row[Type] "; 
  echo "Color: $row[Color] ";

There are also several $options supported, see the $files->getCSV() documentation page for more.

There's also a new $files->getAllCSV() method that does the same thing but returns all the rows in the CSV file in one call.

Improvement to InputfieldPageListSelectMultiple

Next was feature request #339 that requested adding the enhancement developed by @Robin S (via the PageListSelectMultipleQuickly module) into the core. This enhancement keeps the selectable page list open for multiple selections rather than closing it for each selection. It also better indicates when an item is selected. While I ended up writing it in a different way than Robin S.'s module, the end result is nearly identical to Robin S.'s short GIF screencast below:


Also added this week is a new "visibility" option for Inputfields: Open + Locked (not editable), along with some small hook documentation improvements in the Pages class. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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