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Restaurant Blechnapf Neumünster


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Restaurant Blechnapf Neumünsterhttps://www.restaurant-blechnapf.de/


Fine culinary dining combined with a similar fine setup of design and webdev can be found at Blechnapf, Neumünster. One of our oldest partners in crime culinary highlights. Classic german dishes, experimental dishes based on classic dishes and even very own creations of all-time classics. Even though they are officially targetting your taste buds you can find a lot of more adventures there. They offer support for all kinds of experiences from readings, poetry slams, business meetings and even weddings (just in case you are around this wonderful place).

Design details

A classic modern setup of goodness (which got a very recent visual upgrade with way more and bold colors) - as someone described it already. Nothing super fancy, yet classic, modern, and with a very personal own style. Website, printed menue cards and even vcards come in the same style. Guess what was first. ;)

Technical details

  • PageHitCounter
  • RepeaterMatrix (Pro)
  • Import Pages from CSV
  • Markup Sitemap XML
  • PrivacyWire
  • Simple Contact Form


The team behind this:

Muskaat for the technical part (yes, I'm part of Muskaat)

Polimorf for the design part


I hope you'll enjoy this site as much as I do!

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