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Klippo Kinderschutzpunkte Eutin


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Klippo Eutinhttps://www.klippo-eutin.de/


"Is my child safe while walking around town?"... well at least in Eutin (Germany) children of all ages are safe now or at least they can find a spot in case they need help. Our client and partner Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Eutin e.V. (roughly translated to: German Child Protection Association Eutin) started a new initiative to help children finding a safespace while en route through town. No matter what - a missed transportation, low battery, in need of a toilet, or whatever. Certified partners of Klippo Eutin help children of all ages to overcome all kinds of situations challenging their day. Verified in person and visible through special markers at and within the locations and their showrooms so children know how to find help now.

Klippo Eutin is our second iteration after Klippo Neumünster for this kind of project and builds a new foundation of even more cities to build this kind of service for children all around Germany and even other countries.

Design details

Childish, yet... practical with some kind of nerdiness with a lot of details here and there. From logo art to vector backgrounds all around. We love the details. As always. Oh... and yes... the screenshot might already be different to the details you see online as this is one of our rolling-release-development projects - whenever there is an update necessary it will be developed and released. For the good cause. Yet... there is more planned and coming in the future.

Technical details

  • Google Map Marker
  • PageHitCounter
  • PrivacyWire
  • Changelog
  • Verified URL (Pro)
  • ProCache (Pro)

(Eigenwerbung [Advertising upcoming]: you know cities that might be interested, let us know... we already have a solution ready to start in your area, almost worldwide, and even better: we can provide contacts for Germany to get this kind of project started!)

The team behind this:

Muskaat for the technical part (yes, I'm part of Muskaat)

Polimorf for the design part


I hope you'll enjoy this site as much as we do!


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