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Exception when using bd on a module extending Wire directly


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Hi @adrian, I've got another small issue between TracyDebugger and one of my modules. Not sure if the problem is Tracy, my module or the core, anyway ...

The problem is my ProcessCacheControl module, which comes with two module files: ProcessCacheControl itself, which is a Process module, and the helper module CacheControlTools, which implements the Module interface but extends Wire (instead of WireData). When dumping an instance of the CacheControlTools module, I get a fatal exception:


Method CacheControlTools::get does not exist or is not callable in this context

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install ProcessCacheControl
  2. In the console or any template, try to dump an instance of the module using d / bd:

The stack trace indicates TD.php#L281 as the cause. Specifically, $var->get('title|name') results in Wire->__callUnknown which results in the error above (see attached screenshot).

I guess the debugger assumes that the module extend WireData instead of Wire? If I change the module to extend WireData, the exception goes away. Though I would like to keep it extending Wire, since that module doesn't hold any data or state, so extending WireData doesn't make any sense. Maybe this could be handled by Tracy?


Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 14.12.06.png

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