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Having trouble getting page changes


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Hi all, 

For one page template I want to track all changes made to pages with this template (ideally including repeater fields). 

However, I can't even track changes of simple text fields and I don't know why. It's important to note that I add and change pages via the API and not in the backend. For each page change I added:


// get the page $p

//do changes to fields...

I have a autoload module which hooks after Pages::saveReady. 


/* get the page from the HookEvent

 $page->getChanges(true); returns always empty array
 $page->getChanges(); returns always empty array
 However on the same run checking a field explicitly ProcessWire recognizes that a field is changed: 

if ($page->isChanged('sample_field')) {
  //code in here is executed..

Changing a field in ProcessWire backend "$page->getChanges(true)" does return an assoc array with changed fields, but the value is always null.

Clearly I must do something wrong, but what is ist?

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