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issues bootstrapping from script

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For a worker process I need to bootstrap ProcessWire. Unfortunately somewhere in the bootstrap process the script simply exits, and I'm having problems identifying where and why.

Debugging a bit I found out that somewhere during the following call in the bootstrap index.php the script is exited:

echo $process->execute($config->internal);

Doing a debug_backtrace in the registered shutdown function gives me only a hint to ProcessWire\{closure}
Unfortunately with all php error logging on and $config->debug = Config::debugVerbose; I dont' get any more information as to why the script exits. Also tracy logs don't show anything.

I already investigated if there are any culprits among the hooks but can't find anything suspicious.

The script looks as follows:

<?php namespace ProcessWire;
	echo "this is reached!";
	include("../www/index.php"); //bootstrap ProcessWire
	echo "this is never reached!";

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Maybe a bit OT: with which php version is the script processed, and which set of modules are enabled for the php processor? Is it the same version the webserver is running on? 

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It's PHP 7.4.3 with Litespeed 7.6 and Zend Engine 3.4.0 (ionCube 10.4.0, OPcache 7.4.8), running ProcessWire 3.0.165. It's the same version as for the webserver.

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