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HTML5 required form field attributes only for text inputs?


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I have built a simple process module that allows users to create new pages; so far, so easy.

Now I noticed something strange, and I'm not sure if I miss something, but it seems inconsistent to me: Text-based input fields get the HTML5 attribute required="required" and it works as expected.

However, for selects (InputfieldPage, InputfieldAsmSelect) PW only injects a CSS class "required", but doesn't set required="required".

Example code:

        $field                 = $this->modules->get('InputfieldPage');
        $field->inputfield     = 'InputfieldAsmSelect';
        $field->parent_id      = 1221;
        $field->labelFieldName = 'title';
        $field->name           = 'service';
        $field->label          = 'Dienstleistungen';
        $field->required       = true;
        $field->setAttribute('required', 'required');
        $field->columnWidth = 33;
        $field->collapsed   = 9;

I know I could create a hook and inject that attribute (maybe something like this?), but it seems like overkill, when we can already configure the fields. Am I missing something obvious here?

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