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Weekly update — January 24, 2020


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I hope that you all have had a great week! I’ve got several commits to the core on the dev branch this week, with both improvements and fixes. I’m going to save the version bump to 3.0.150 till likely next week, when there should be more to write about. In addition to working on and supporting the core and modules here, I’ve been collaborating with Pete (forum admin) on a client project in ProcessWire. It’s keeping us both pretty busy, but I really value and enjoy the opportunity to develop sites in ProcessWire—it’s always a nice change of pace to develop something using ProcessWire, in addition to developing it. And it’s also a real pleasure to collaborate with Pete, he does amazing work. While working on this project, I’m still very much focused on core and module updates, but emphasizing smaller core updates like fixing issues and making incremental improvements to existing parts of the core (like in this week’s commits). Once we finish the first phase of this project (mid February), then I’ll be focusing on some larger updates and additions (and the related blog posts). Thanks have a great weekend! 

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