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Possible bug: path to translatable template files


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Hi everyone! And thanks for Processwire!

It appears i've found a bug related to translation of template files. I'm developing a website under Windows and publish it under Linux. When i try to add some translations to a template file in production environment (under Linux) this thing happens:

File does not exist: /site\templates\product.php (translation file not needed? textdomain: site--templates--product-php)

Under Windows i have no such problem. It's obvious that there's a problem with directory separator. It's a backslash ( \ ) under Windows and normal slash ( / ) under Linux. Have no idea how to make PW recognize this situation which makes impossible to translate templates in production environment.

Thanks in advance for any possible help!

screenshot.24-10-2019 09.33.10.png

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Not related to the translation issue but developing under Windows should work the same as on Linux - in terms of file paths and such - with the right tools.

Try Laragon, which is free and awesome. With Laragon in place there shouldn't be any difference in about 95% of all use cases - compared to Linux.


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