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WireMailGmail — using with LoginRegister?


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Hey y'all!

I'm building a front-end login system with the LoginRegister module, and my registration and password reset emails were taking up to 30min to send. So, I set up the fantastic (and recent) WireMailGmail module. A bit tricky on Google's end, but its working beautifully — my password reset emails are sending in milliseconds. 

Buuuuut, my registration emails, from the LoginRegister module, are still being sent with the old WireMail system, instead of the new WireMailGmail setup. I'm not running any other WireMail plugins, and I already added the line:

$config->wireMail('module', 'WireMailGmail');

to my config.php, as suggested in the readme.

Any thoughts? I feel like I must be missing something obvious in the LoginRegister module code?


Thanks so much for any help, especially on such a new plugin!

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Fixed! Not completely sure why, but switching:

$mail = new WireMail();

to this:

$mail = $this->wire('mail')->new();

in the LoginRegister module did the trick — line 684. Now Gmail's sending my registration emails too 🙂

Gotta say, I am hugely grateful for Processwire. Ryan, and all you fantastic moderators and commenters—this is such a great place to learn, and goddamn if the sky doesn't seem to be the limit. 

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