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Warning on Functions.php


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If you look in that specific file, do you see the following:

 * ProcessWire namespace aware version of PHP's class_parents() function
 * Returns associative array where array keys are full namespaced class name, and 
 * values are the non-namespaced classname.
 * @param string|object $className
 * @param bool $autoload
 * @return array
function wireClassParents($className, $autoload = true) {
	if(is_object($className)) {
		$parents = class_parents($className, $autoload);
	} else {
		$className = wireClassName($className, true);
		if(!class_exists($className, false)) {
			$_className = wireClassName($className, false);
			if(class_exists("\\$_className")) $className = $_className;
		$parents = class_parents(ltrim($className, "\\"), $autoload);
	$a = array();
	if(is_array($parents)) foreach($parents as $k => $v) {
		$v = wireClassName($k, false);
		$a[$k] = $v; // values have no namespace
	return $a; 


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