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PW forum: the "Quote selection" tooltip inserts an empty span into the markup, breaking copying & pasting

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View my post as an example.

Open the dev tools of your browser, inspect the code block element so you see its children (the spans making up the highlighted code).

Select the string convertedFieldPairings)) from the forum post.

As the Quote selection tooltip appears, observe what happens in your dev tools view. An empty span element has appeared inside the span containing the )) part of the string.

If you now copy and paste to the Find field of your text editor already containing a block of code with the string, it will not find a match. I did not have the energy to inspect the clipboard to find what sort of an invisible character lurks inside the string.


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Unfortunately the forum is full of bugs (and errors in the console). See also this one: 


No idea if that is anyhow related...

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