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Installer wont start

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Hi guys!

Im new to Processwire, never had a issue with installing. But with my new Hoster, i cant get the installer to run.

I only get a site full of php code like this:

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

 * ProcessWire Installer
 * Because this installer runs before PW is installed, it is largely self contained.
 * It's a quick-n-simple single purpose script that's designed to run once, and it should be deleted after installation.
 * This file self-executes using code found at the bottom of the file, under the Installer class. 
 * Note that it creates this file once installation is completed: /site/assets/installed.php
 * If that file exists, the installer will not run. So if you need to re-run this installer for any
 * reason, then you'll want to delete that file. This was implemented just in case someone doesn't delete the installer.
 * ProcessWire 3.x, Copyright 2017 by Ryan Cramer
 * https://processwire.com
 * @todo have installer set session name


It seems that all Requirements from the host are accomplished.

Its a UNIX/Apache Server with PHP 5.6

Thx in advance for your help folks!


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PHP is not properly running on the server. If it's a fully managed server I suggest to submit a ticket to get them to fix it. It could be that the apache handler for php files is not configured, but there could be other issues as well.

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