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Display no 404 page when page inactive


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Hi there,

Can't find a solution for this problem (although it sounds quite easy): If a page exists but is not active in the current user's language there should be an alert with "content not available for your selected region" instead of displaying the 404-page.

I tried this:

// if page is not active in current user language show alert, instead of 404 page
if($page->name != 'http404' && !$page->viewable($user->language)) {
    $page = $pages->get('id=17104'); // this is the page containing the content-not-available-in-your-region-message

It works when logged in as superuser but when loged out, visitors will always be redirected to the 404-page.

Can anyone help, please?

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Try this hook in hook

$this->addHookBefore('PageRender::renderPage', function($e) {
    $event = $e->arguments[0];
    $page = $event->object;
    $user = $this->wire('user');

    if ($user->isSuperuser()) return; // superuser
    if (!empty($page->template) && $page->template->id == 2) return; // backend
    if ($user->language->isDefault()) return; // default language

    $language = $user->language;
    $currentLanguageStatus = $page->get("status$language");
    if ($currentLanguageStatus == 0) {
        $otherPage = $this->wire('pages')->get(1234); // get page to be rendered instead
        $event = new HookEvent(array('object' => $otherPage));
        $e->arguments(0, $event);


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Thanks @kixe and @Sergio for trying to help me. I've added @kixe's code at the top of my prepend.inc (and changed the page id) but the 404 is still displayed. I also tried ProcessPageView::pageNotFound instead of PageRender::renderPage - but without success!

Any ideas?


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Hi @kixe,

Sorry to bother you again. Could you please check your code again? I get the following error

Error: Class 'ProcessWire\HookEvent' not found (for this line $event = new HookEvent(array('object' => $otherPage)); )

PS: Sorry, I'm still learning and have to admit that hooks are out of my range...

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Namespace problem. Somewhere in your files (ready.php?) the namespace ProcessWire is defined. You need to remove this. Don't mix files of installations (PW 3.0.x) using namespace with non namespace installations (PW 2.7 or 2.8)

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Still not getting it. Removing namespace Processwire from ready.php solved the error but the 404 is still being displayed. After some investigations included the following in config.php - but no effect...

$config->templateCompile = false;
$config->moduleCompile = false;

Any ideas?

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