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Repeater sort order duplicates


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repeater->sort is returned with duplicate values for multiple entries, not sure how this can even happen.
Has anyone experienced this before?

I now have to set an index++ while looping though my repeater to set the sort order :(

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Can you provide examples/code that will help us to understand the problem and/or result.

How many repeaters do you use?
How do you call/query them?
How do you want them sorted?

I just tested it with 6 repeater items in a single page and get the results I expected.

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In addition to this, I have repeaters with a page field reference. And only 1 in the repeater array does not provide a valid ID.
This is super weird, because it's always worked until now.


for($page->dad_repeater as $r) {
	$ref = $r->child_page_ref;
    if(!$ref->id) die("Error, invalid page reference for repeater ".$r->id);

My code dies on this error, with a valid repeater id. When I check that repeater ID in Processwire, it has valid child_page_ref.
Why will the child_page_ref->id return null when the child_page_ref is published, and selected in PW.

* FIXED * Underlying code was setting the ID to -1 ?

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