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Question about selectors in sort settings for children


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I have country pages
I have destination pages with a pagefield destination_country (from countries)
I have hotel pages with a pagefield hotel_country (from countries)

Now I want a pagefield in destination (destination_hotels) that only shows the hotels with the same country as the destination, but my selector does not work (in sort settings for children).

This selector works (but shows all hotels from all countries):
parent=/hotels/, template=hotel, sort=title

But this one does not show anything:
parent=/hotels/, template=hotel, destination_country=hotel_country, sort=title

Why does this not work?
Any suggestions?

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You can use page.fieldname on the right hand side in your selector, so you need something like this:

parent=/hotels/, template=hotel, hotel_country=page.destination_country, sort=title

There's a discussion with a similar setup here:


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