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pagefield selectable pages "custom find" or?

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This issue is related to the backend only, not frontend templates.

I have a pagefield called "programs_list" that displays a list of "programs" and this works fine however the ID's assigned to those items are "PW" page id's.

How can I match a selected item to a custom field value instead of the default PW ID ?

I've imported a large volume of data using the API and this data has a field called "program_id" that I need to match with the "programs_list" pagefield.

The "programs_list" pagefield uses a template that contains a "legacy_id" field that I need to match up with the imported datas "program_id" so that it shows the correct item as being selected.

Any examples on how to go about achieving the desired result would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance



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Hi, If I understand you right, you need to hook into getSelectablePages. I presume you use ASM select, so one example can be found here:


Also, you can perform a google search like : https://www.google.hu/search?q="getSelectablePages"+site%3Aprocesswire.com%2Ftalk


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I thin what you are looking for is the "Custom PHP code" in the Input tab of the field cnfiguration screen for your programs_list field


In my case the field name is "myplaces"

Now Go and insert this hook into site/ready.php

$wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) {
  if($event->object->hasField == 'programs_list') {
    $page = $event->arguments('page');
    $event->return = $event->pages->find("template=yourTemplateForProgramPages, program_id={$page->legacy_id});

This gets the legazy_id of the page that you are currently editing and then finds all program pages with that id in field program_id.

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@szabesz @gebeer   hi thank you both

I am looking at how to do this only in the Admin CMS, is it possible?

it seems the code you shared is for frontend, can it be done for admin cms ?


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4 minutes ago, neosin said:

Admin CMS

Yeah, we got that ;) Since inputfields are used by the admin, hooking into InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages is what makes ASM selects (and other multi page inputfields) "customizable".

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