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Problem uploading images stuck at 100%


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I installed PW 2.8.62 On a cPanel / Safe mode ON / PHP 5.3.29 / MYSQL 5.5.57-cll

I hade an error message regarding safe mode with the fix of adding a temp folder and config edit. (done)

But most of the time images upload just stuck at 100%

More info I think may be useful

max_execution_time = 30
max_file_uploads    = 20
memory_limit = 512 M
post_max_size = 128 M

From the search, I found that I need to edit post_max_size to be equal to memory_limit but I am not sure! :(

Can you help me, please :)

Thank you.


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20 hours ago, bernhard said:

are you uploading huge images? maybe you find some helpful information in the console log and in pw's log folder?

Yes, sorry for my last test I upload 2 images (5KB :rolleyes: and 719KB) only the 5KB is uploaded but a 719KB is not :(

I have also try PW 3.x on the same server but it's the same issue.

I uploaded the same image 719 KB  to another PW 2.x/3.x on other servers and no problem  :)

szabesz I will send this formula to the website owner to send to server support to apply  :) 

I will update this asap

Thank you  All :)


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