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PW 3.0.90 – Core updates

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ProcessWire 3.0.90

This week updates focused mostly on GitHub issue reports, emphasizing a few that I'd put off for a little while because they would take more time than usual to resolve, and didn't affect many people. But they are nevertheless important, especially nearing the next master version. 

We also have a new addition in 3.0.90 thanks to @horst. This version adds the latest iteration of his ImageSizerEngineAnimatedGif module to the core. This means that PW can now generate variations (alternate sizes/crops) of animated GIFs. Previously any variations of an animated GIF just ended up being one frame of it. Now all the frames are retained. To enable this, go to Modules > Core > Image > Animated GIF Image Sizer, and click Install. Though we'll probably set this one to install automatically in one of the next versions. But once installed, upload an animated GIF, and ProcessWire takes care of the rest.

No longer blog post this week because the above is all I have to report and it doesn't seem long enough for a blog post. I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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