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I'm trying to display body part but as a summary which doesn't include any image.


I was able to get limit the words by using this function


  function truncateWords($input, $numwords, $padding="")
    $output = strtok($input, " \n");
    while(--$numwords > 0) $output .= " " . strtok(" \n");
    if($output != $input) $output .= $padding;
    return $output;

but if there is an image it show that image as well.


any api or anything which I can use to use show just limited text ?????

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16 hours ago, rafaoski said:

Welcome to the forum @rareyush ... Sanitizer can help in this case which cleans up the text.
Try the following:

$p_body = $sanitizer->text($key->body,['maxLength' => 250]);
echo "<p>{$p_body}</p>";



This worked for me, Thank you

I really appreciate and this is why I love processwire more now xD 

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