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Module: Page Path History Central Manager


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Page Path History Central Manager

Manage all page paths history redirects in a single locations.

This module is user interface for the processwrie PagePathHistory module, that creates redirects automatically every time a page is moved/renamed. These redirects do not contain regex's and they will not redirect a user away from a published page making them safe for not technical editors to create. 

Features Include:

  • Ability to create new redirects
  • Ability to remove old redirects
  • View all the automatically created page path history redirects in your system, and delete any ones that no are no longer needed.

Git repo: https://github.com/hagcin/ProcessPathHistoryCentralManager

Viewing all existing redirects: Alt text

Adding New Redirect: Alt text

Tested on: Processwire 2.6, 3.0


  1. Install the module PagePathHistory from within the Processwire admin. PagePathHistory is included in core but not installed by default.
  2. Install the module ProcessPathHistoryCentralManager by cloning this repo into site/modules/ in your processwire install.
  3. Install the module in the admin interface.
  4. You can now manage redirects under setup > page path history central manager

Similar to and is compatible with PagePathHistoryManager which lets you manage page path history redirects on a specific page on the settings tab.

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This sounds interesting but I'm not quite getting it. Could you give some examples of what kinds of scenarios this would be useful in?

I thought the PagePathHistory module took care of everything automatically so you never need to think about manually creating or editing redirects. Or does this module allow you to also create redirects when there never was a page at a particular URL? e.g. /some-path-where-there-never-was-a-page/ => /some-page-that-exists/

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This module both lets you create new redirects that never existed, and delete old redirects one would no longer like to have operational any more.  The user story for this project was: "As an SEO specialist I want to be able to manage redirects for news articles without developer involvement." Giving them a simple tool that did not require knowledge regex seemed like the safest way to not have future developer involvement. 

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Updated the module to to fix the following issues:
- missing $sTable variable warning in debug mode.
- module now requires you to have PagePathHistory module installed
- I simplified SQL, hoping that got rid of the SQL errors, though I could not reproduce them.
- remove trailing slashes on "redirect from urls" since PagePathHistory requires them to be missing for redirects to work.

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  • 9 months later...


I just installed the module and I get the following error:

2018-08-14 13:34:14     xxxx  http://xxxxxxx/admin/setup/path-history-central-manager/       Error:  Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on null (line 10 of /var/share/site/modules/ProcessPathHistoryCentralManager/templateTable.php)

Line 10 is "while ($row = $redirectsQueryResult->fetch_assoc()) {"

but should $redirectsQueryResult be replaced with $res

Is this correct?


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