10,000 files in sessions folder normal?

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I noticed there were 10k files in my site/assets/sessions folder.  It does not appear they are older than 24 hours.  Is this normal?  Do they auto delete and refresh every day?


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Probably something to do with the php garbage collection. Check this out: 1, 2.

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Those are helpful links.  It appears it is not something processwire is doing so much, it just changed the default location for what php already does.

I would guess the files are necessary for allowing php to save session variables and deleting them would be bad.  If so, I would want those to last 24 hours and do not think it would be a good idea to shorten their lifespan.  If it were a garbage collection issue, I would think they would be not clearing out everyday.  

I think websites with a lot of traffic may benefit from having them saved in the database though to save inodes.  Even downloading your website via ftp would be a hassle with it this way.   It is easy to get around by compressing the website and downloading that file though.

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