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Found 4 results

  1. EDIT: What I'm actually really looking for is a way to edit and add children of a page in a similar way as RepeaterMatrix fields: Easy to add new ones and easy to move, hide and modify inline: –––– I have a problem and am so close to a solution, but everything i've found so far only gets me about 95% and before I create something on my own want to ask is anyone knows a soltion or if I miss something. My simple requirement: Editing Children and creating new ones inside the current parent page context – eighter inline or in a Lightbox. Not working Option A: With page relation fields I can create new pages – but it requires me to select a fixed parent. If I don't provide a parent, no new link is present. Not working Option B: With the awesome AdminPageFieldEditLinks Module I can create new Pages directly without the need to provide a parant beforehand – but then I need to select it at runtime. There is a new link now – the link is: parent_id=0&template_id=51&modal=1 … if it only provided the correct parent_id!!! But now i have to select the parent: Not working Option C : That's what I do right now… Reordering the Child-Field to the first tab – but to maintain the context, I would need the edit and new button to open a lightbox instead of a page reload. Possible solutions: For A+B: If I could provide a selector as parent, this would solve my issue: "parent=page.id" or a checkbox "use parent page for new pages". Or I could use some hook? For C : I could write my own javascript to open the links in a Lightbox.
  2. Is it possible in ProcessWire to 'construct' a text output from fields on different pages in different categories that are linked by a relational ID as in a relational database? Sample of text output: 495 YEARS AGO - on Sunday 29 September 1518 (+) Artist Tintoretto originally Jacopo Comin aka Il Furioso, is born in Venice, Italy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where "495 years ago" is calculated from the date field in the 'event' page (the one that gathers information from other 'related' pages), "Artist", "Tintoretto", "Jacopo Comin" and "Il Furioso" are fields (occupation, lastname, original, alias,....) in a 'name' page, and "Venice" and "Italy" are fields in a 'location' page. The 'name' and 'location' pages would all have a unique ID linked to the 'event' page (with a unique ID as well) to get the related fields. This would also allow the page "Tintoretto" to list all 'event' pages that are related to Tintoretto and the page "Venice, Italy" to list all the events that happened in Venice. The data is now stored in a Filemaker database and I'm looking for a convenient solution to transfer it to a website. In the meantime a html-export version can be found at http://www.birthfactdeathcalendar.net. There are over 10000 events and 4000 names. The 'Scyscrapers' sample website comes close to what I'm after but when digging in deeper I guess I need some extra skills in defining what goes where (categorisation) and how to bring it together (relation). Any help or guidance is mostly welcomed.
  3. I have a “related pages” field that list same template’s pages in a SelectMultiple input. This allow to create relations between pages of the same kind. But those relations are not mutual: I would like to get B related to A when I link A to B. Is this possible?
  4. Good evening, I am trying to build a system that relates two pages (using a Page field) but assures that the related page also relates to the current page we're editing. Like if we were talking about synonyms. Does anyone have a clue on how to achieve this? Thanks!
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