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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Community, Sadly I cannot intall ProcessWire on my webserver (Hosted at https://www.world4you.com/de/startseite.html, a small hosting provider in Austria) Here is the Problem: 1. I downloaded the current masterbranch as a .zip file (After a few tries I also downloaded the code via the git clone command, that led to the same error), unzipped it and transferred it to my server. Since there is already a wordpress site installed on the root directory, I transferred the processwire files into /relaunch and created a subdomain. 2. I tried to install the language starter kit. As soon as I navigate to that folder Screenshot1 (see attached file 'processWireBug1') is shown. Everything looks nice, except the red text referring to the 'mod_rewrite' rule. The webserver provides the 'apache mod_rewrite' rule. 3. As soon as I want to press 'Check again' or 'Continue to next step' an error Page with 500 error (see Screenshot 'processWireBug2') occurs. 4. You can find my .htaccess file attached to this post..htaccess How could I solve this issue? Some additional information: 1) the webserver provides the apache mod_rewrite (I checked that several times) and has php version 7.3. installed. 2) since there is a wordpress site installed on the root directory, there is also a .htaccess file on the root directory. Could this .htaccess file have an impact on the .htaccess file for my processwire website? Thanks for your help and greetings from Austria, Daniel
  2. Hello everybody! This is my first post after several weeks of lurking around on this forum As a MODX user i've been looking for an alternative with proper backend customization. After looking around i think i've found the perfect alternative with Processwire. So first of all thanks to Ryan and the community for this wonderful project and i'm feeling excited to start using it for live projects! I've fiddled around with some local sites just to get a feeling of PW, and now attempted to install one on my hosting. This didn't seem to work out as planned: I keep getting the same error "no install.php found". I've read the readme and did some basic troubleshooting with it, but no avail I filled in the db settings in the config.php file. My htaccess file is being read properly (checked with the 500 error), so the error must come from something else. Where do I go from here? Can someone put me in the right direction? I am a frontend developer so forgive me for not being as verbose as I should be... Thanks in advance, proud to have made my first post on this forum! Kudos to all!
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