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Found 6 results

  1. hey guys we are using processwire version 3.0.42, we have an important notice that we want to show on the home page of our website. its an image and it should load once the website is loaded and there should be an option to close the popup appearing. is there any plugin that can help us get this done or some code any kind of help would be useful. its a litle urgent. thanks in advance.
  2. I've started a processwire project from a blank project. for some reason when I open my browser the page opened is not the "home.php" page, but the "basic-page.php" template. I've checked and my home page is set to use the 'home' template and not the 'basic-page' template. How do I change that?
  3. Hello @ all, I am new to Processwire and I am struggling for a while with this problem. I have setted up a multilingual site with a language switcher. The switcher works fine except on the homepage. It seems the aliases for the different languages (German: startseite, English: home) will not be taken on the homepage. If I switch to the other language on the homepage it doesnt work - it wil be always in German. The aliases will not be added to the homepage url so it is always the root url and this maybe causes the problem. I found this in the explanation: Please note that the URL for the default-language homepage is always your site's root URL, regardless of what you specify in the homepage name. This is intentional, as it's not desirable to have a homepage that produces a 404 or immediately performs a redirect to another URL. If populated, your homepage name for the default language is still applicable for the rest of the pages in your site. But how can I switch on the homepage to another language??? Do I need the language prepend in the urls (de, en,...)? I have searched in the forum but I couldnt find a solution to this problem. I use the latest version of Processwire. Can anyone point me into the right direction? Best regards Jürgen
  4. I have a slightly unusual setup where I'm using the first child of the root as my homepage like so: Root Home Page 2 Page 3 etc This is presenting me with a slight problem in that I need the Home url in the navigation tree to redirect to Root. Here's my navigation setup: <?php $root = $pages->get("/"); $children = $root->children(); foreach($children as $child) { echo "<li><a href='#{$child->name}'></a><a href='{$child->url}'><h1>{$child->title}</h1></a></li>"; } ?> I'm sure there's a nice easy way to do this in PW, can anyone help? For data setup I have Home rendered in the Root page. Looking at SEO would simply changing the menu structure be enough to stop robots indexing the root/Home url so that Home is seen as Root?
  5. First of all: I love Processwire and feel a strong urge to migrate all my clients systems from MODx Still, I have a little problem just now: I need to add two direct children to my front page (the top of the tree, which is opened on page load). I want the front page to appear in my menu (Already did this with MarkupSimpleNavigation) and have two direct child pages. Is there any way to accomplish this? I thought about just using the top-element as an empty one and somehow mark another page, which can have as many children as I want, as the default front page.
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