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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, the ProcessWire page layout functions perfectly for something like a hierarchical post structure, e.g.: - Post 1 - - Answer 1 - - Answer 2 - Post 3 - - Answer 1 I think from an API point of view this is the best solution. But what if the post type itself could make use for children? For example if the post type was a simple poll: - Poll 1 - - Poll Option 1 - - Poll Option 2 - - Poll Option 3 It's getting confusing when you've got polls that can be answered. Is there any better solution than throwing together poll options and post answers? A similar question: I would love to have a news page, whose children are the news items. Adding something like poll items to the news page would of course be possible but IMO a bit "messy": - News Page - - News Item 1 - - Poll Item 1 - - News Item 2 - - ... Is it? Is it not? I'm not sure … How would you design the page structure? Thanks!
  2. I have a page /team/ with url segments [1] enabled, that must equal the name of a user with a 'broker' role. On /team/ a list of all users with the 'broker' role is rendered. It does not appear if I am not logged in though. How can I enable this info to appear universally? I mean for public visitors to be able to view it as well... Then this http://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-core-updates-2.5.14/ has got me curious about user hierarchy, as my site will require entirely different types of users that might as well have different input fields per type, hence different templates... Are they still accessible via the $user variable if an alternative template is used? or a different parent? Thanks.
  3. I'm getting my feet wet with PW... Today I'm trying to build a basic portfolio site. One of the things I need are categories. I know by now how to accomplish this. However, while creating pages and doing tests, I wondered: Is there a special module that allows you to move several pages at once? Batcher doesn't have this, as far as I can see. Also, is it correct that with the current default "move" action within the pages menu, you can't put a page inside another page i.e. container page? You can always just move one page at a time within the same hierarchy level. I think it would be a very nice-to-have feature in the admin section (or as an optional module). I also looked up the database: "pages_parents" would probably be the place where to manually change parents via SQL. But I'm not sure how to use that, when there are multiple parents, i.e. a container-page is nested inside one or two other pages deep. Perhaps there's a tiny little thing I've been missing? Would you rather use the API to set a new parent for dozens of pages?
  4. If I go into the Processwire admin and select 'Home->Chidren' I'm presented with a list of pages underneath home. The 'sort settings' sections has a set of instructions that reads "Leave the sort field blank if you want to be able to drag-n-drop to your own order." Unfortunately, there is no way to make the drop down blank, and that's also somewhat counterintuitive since Drag-n-drop as an option makes perfect sense. In any event, none of the pages are draggable in order to sort them—are they draggable somewhere else in the admin?
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