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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I've been developing sites with ProcessWire for a while now, and all those sites have been performing really well. It's a good enough proof that PW itself is very efficient & well performing system but I'm not sure how efficient coder I'm. Just wanted to learn from you guys, what are the things you do to keep PW's page structure clean, few good practices you follow & how do write smarter code that reduces server load, etc. For example, I learnt following things from tutorials that I always do for every site: Creating a site settings page to store all global static variables in one place such as site logo, site title etc. Using globals.inc file for regularly needed variables, functions & information Under home, creating ajax/json (locked & hidden) pages for processing forms Using tags to group fields & templates Prefixing field names with template name for easy identification Naming similar or related templates & template files with similar prefixes Thanks!
  2. Anyytime I start a new PW project, I have a very repetitive process to setup the base folder with assets, database and modules. The design of new sites is something I like to keep bespoke but the following can probably be streamlined a bit download modules (config, formbuilder, listerpro, upgrade, profields etc) create folders for CSS frameworks, Jquery scripts, create includes (header, footer, navigation I'm decided to create a base prototype folder and database with the essential assets. I can cookie-cutter this rapidly and duplicate it as the basis for new projects. Just curious about other peoples process for spinning out a new PW project. Some of you probably use task runners or Git etc? It's an area I need to explore. Cheers
  3. Short tip Use the ajax powered search to find pages you want to edit—it's a super-fast way to get around the admin. Longer (but same) tip I was on the cusp of not writing this because it is likely so obvious to so many, but just in case you are like me in terms of navigation in the Admin for editing pages... In PW 2.4 the new search makes finding pages lightening fast. While some themes from before 2.4 was released display recently edited pages to help speed navigation, the new default theme in 2,4 doesn't; and I missed that a bit. But the new search is super fast so now whenever and wherever I am in the Admin, if I want to edit a page I just type in the search box, it ajax-pops, one click and I'm in the page ready to edit—no need to visit the page tree Thanks to Ryan and crew for this small but great advance OK, back to work.
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