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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all. Yesterday working on my Cooking Recipes profile I stumbled across an interesting issue - how to show pages published/created on a specific time interval without the use of any plugins but just the default API of PW. Thanks to @abdus the sollution was implemented and was working perfectly fine (here) Everything was good until I started working on my main page and discovered that our web designer made the recipes appear in threee columns and to differentiate the columns he used 3 different classes (first, second, last). So it was supposed to look like this: <li><class="cs-recipes first"></li> | <li><class="cs-recipes second"></li> | <li><class="cs-recipes last"></li> At first I thought it would be easy to just create another loop and insert it within the first one, but that got me unprepared as instead of 5 posts (as the limit was), I was showing 15. So moving here and there, trying and trying for quite some time to find a solution, I got stuck and asked for some help. Mr @abdus saved the day again offering something simple and most important - fully working. As far as it was a PM, I decided that it would be a shame if I don't share it with anybody else who might sooner or later search for similar functionality, so here is the complete sollution that works perfectly fine and applies the first, second, last as it should without creating unnecessary loops etc.: Hope it helps and don't thank me, I am just the messenger
  2. Hi folks, I'm building a fairly simple site using PW but I am also working with AJAX driven content (as noted by @ryan here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/225-how-to-work-with-ajax-driven-content-in-processwire/) and everything works fine except for the change of body classes per page. So, for example, in the head.inc I have the following: <body class="<?php echo $page->name; ?>"> which is useful as it means I can create page specific styles etc. However, as the head and foot remain constant if an AJAX request is called using the following, for example: <?php if(!$config->ajax) include('./head.inc'); ?> the body class fails to update for obvious reasons. Is there any way round this so the body class is updated per ajax call, if you know what I mean? This may be a global AJAX question and not a PW specific question but thought I would ask all the same. Thanks, R
  3. I wished to make a module that enables OAuth2, for use with twitter of google API's etc. The big problem is I wish to build the module my self, but lack the knowledge. So the biggest wish first, to get some real good documentation about OOP. When I search the internet, the quality is not good enough or to difficult to start with. Next to that, I prefer some good podcasts cause I have some problems with reading. ( Dutch, English or German ) So does anyone know some good Video Tutorials or any good understandable information about OOP?
  4. Hello everyone, my oop knowledge is pretty limited so please don't stone me for the forthcoming question: I have a rather large project which I'm moving from symfony 1.4 to PW (finally). I'm rebuilding most of the functions in modules with Page hooks, which at one point (now) leads to a naming problem. LIke a countMedia() method can be neccessary for many different contextes. - Is there a way to give a module it's own class name? So I can use $channel->countMedia(), $tag->countMedia(), both referring to different modules? - how do YOU deal with a large set of user functions that are needed in many different templates? Thanks, thomas
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