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Found 3 results

  1. not sure why but PW adds any uploads as permissions 600 (e.g. images wont load after upload unless i go in with the same server user and change permissions to 755 or similar). This ever happened to any one else?
  2. HELLO ALL! Context: I use serverpilot to setup and administrate my server patches for my hosted sites. As with many other serving companies, they write tutorials to setup software on their service. I asked them to provide a PW installation instruction and they have obliged however hitting on the following issue on installation with their default linux user: Issue: Basically at the end of the installation there is a warning to secure your config file which could have been done already by the system, I believe they're saying. Is there anything we can do with this, or should i ask them to carry on with the caveat that they should but in a bit of text saying this warning is normal and can be sorted in teh follow ways etc...? Interested in people's opinion.
  3. Right now I am not particular proud of myself, because I maybe had the first occurrence of an hacked ProcessWire installation known to mankind. But not because of ProcessWire itself, but of a stupid mistake I have made. Anyways I want to share my case here: Over one and a half year ago I developed a medium sized website with ProcessWire 2.6.1 for a small community. In the process of releasing the site I had troubles with getting the installation to run on the shared hosting webspace. Because the hoster hadn't configured their file permissions correct, I was forced to loosen up the file permissions inside the site/assets-folder. Because I was desperate and wanted the installation to work I ended up setting every file and folder permissions inside the folder assets to CHMOD 777. I wasn't very happy with this solution and now I know how stupid it was, but I didn't knew better and at least the installation was running. This week I wanted to make a small change to the site and noticed something strange: There was a file called sites.php inside the root folder. At this moment it was clear to me, that my installation was hacked. I immediately downloaded the whole infected installation and compared all files with my local clean installation using a diff tool (Kaleidoscope). After comparing I noticed that inside the index.php one line was inserted which included a functions.php inside the site-folder. Also I noticed that inside the site/assets/files-folder there were several php-files uploaded with the same naming convention like the generated images variants (f.e. filename-large.jpg). So what did those scripts do? Luckily not much, that is the reason I haven't noticed this hack for a long time. The database is as far as I can tell not corrupted and the site was still working properly. All those scripts were doing, was generating spam aliases and redirecting to a medical shop site using the http host of my site. Interestingly on my research I have found out, that most of those malicious scripts were intended to infect Drupal and WordPress installations. A few of those files inside site/assets/files are explicitly targeting WordPress specific functions. If you are interested I can share those scripts for further investigation. But I am not sure if uploading those scripts directly to this board is against the board rules, so if I should upload them to a external service, I am willing to do so. Meanwhile I am confident to have cleaned the site from almost all malicious scripts (I will investigate further) and I am still removing all spam search results from Google using the search console. Also I am in contact with the hoster and try to sort things out, even if it means switching the hoster (which I would prefer). Please don't be to harsh with me. I know I have made a stupid mistake and learned my lesson the hard way, but I wanted to share this story anyway to prevent others from making the same mistake. So always make sure to secure your file permissions! Regards, Andreas
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