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Found 5 results

  1. I have 100+ spam/Russian user accounts on a semi-test site. Is deleting them one by one the only option? Is there no way to select a whole page of spam user accounts and batch delete them?
  2. hi there i'm new to processwire, please cut me some slack if the answer is already out there.. i am "processwiring" a non-cms page that i made, containing many repeating so called "station"-elements with fields such as date, location, miles, optional links, photo upload etc. they were listed and created via php and stored in an xml file until now: <stations> <station> <date>17.8.2017</date> <location>Exil, Zurich</location> <miles>1234</miles> ... </station> <station> ... </station> </stations> i already created a working repeater field with the needed fields and successfully created the first two elements... but there are many more! what is the easiest and quickest way to batch create new repeater fields with the node element content of my xml file? otherwise i would just have to type the whole sh..t again which i am too damn lazy to do thanks in advance nuel
  3. Hi, I am building a site containing around 50000 products which will be updated on a regular basis. We are far from putting this site into production. I am actually devising the future functionalities. The actual update script uses an AJAX process so to avoid timeout. However, the update process will have to be fired automatically, something with either curl or phantom.js. What I have coded at the moment isn't probably not the best solution, albeit it works pretty well. There is a PW template called from an address : http://example.com/start-ajax which starts on load a simple jQuery Ajax process. The 50000 products are listed in a CSV file that is previoulsy broken down into small pieces (200 lines per file). The process is smooth and takes 40 minutes to read the data and update/or create Processwire pages accordingly. I would like to know your advices, your experience in that matter. What would you do to create an automated batch file?
  4. I'm creating a general function for batch import, for a site migration, and while looping through fields (field names) to be imported for a page, I need to check whether the field is an image (or other file type), so that it can be imported after the first pave save. What would be the recommended way to check this, with PHP code?
  5. I think one thing which would really add to the ease of setting up and managing sites within PW would be added batch functionality. One small example, I had added a dozen or so new users as a testing process and I wanted to delete them. To do so I had to click each one individually, then click delete, then check the box to confirm and repeat eleven times. This is no great hardship but I believe it's a good example of the occasional bottleneck in the backend. Of course this can be done in the API and Ryan's even helped me to create my own batch delete form in the past but it just feels odd having to do this through one of my templates. I should also point out that Soma has done some great work on a module to add some batch functions but I think if pages had checkboxes and delete/edit functions on them it would be a great addition!
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