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  1. Nice work so far. I was not active in PW-forums for some time, because I suffer on herniated disc (Bandscheibenvorfall). I'm so glad you did this site.
  2. Thanks. And if you want this title on homepage: <title>Company Name - {$parent->title}</title> And on all other sites: <title>{$parent->title} - Company Name</title> ?
  3. So I just want to do comments. I read http://processwire.com/api/fieldtypes/comments/ and this was a good starting point. I want full control of my markup and so <?php echo $page->comments->render();?> is not an option. So I tried <ol id="singlecomments" class="commentlist"> <?php foreach($page->comments as $comment) { if($comment->status < 1) continue; // skip unapproved or spam comments $cite = htmlentities($comment->cite); // make sure output is entity encoded $text = htmlentities($comment->text); $date = date('d.m.Y', $comment->created); // format the date ?> <li class="clearfix"> <div class="message"> <div class="info"> <h2><a href=''><?=$cite?></a></h2> <div class="meta"><?=$date?></div><!-- /.meta --> </div><!-- /.info --> <p><?=$text?></p> </div><!-- /.message --> </li> <?} ?> </ol> And it's working finde. But: 1. I want to add Gravatars, how is the best practice? 2. I want to link $cite to the users website, but how can I achieve this? 3. I want at least paragraphs within $text, in a perfect world ul/ol and links, too.
  4. Nice onepage. Definitely not mainstream. I Like the jquery-movement at portfolio. And good content too. I really like how you inform your clients about pricing and your process.
  5. Without stylesheets? Interesting approach.
  6. You had me at hello. My order (developer licence) was placed successfully.
  7. This works <h1>Category: <?=$page->title?></h1> <? foreach($pages->find("post_categories=$page") as $post)?> <div class="post"> <h2> <? if ($post->body != Null ) { ?> <a href="<?= $post->url ?>"><?= $post->title ?></a> <?; } else { echo $post->title; }?> </h2> etc.
  8. Thanks at all for your great support. Now I'm building my blog. In sidebar I'll output all categories like this: <h3>Categories</h3> <ul class="list categories"> <? $categories = $pages->get("/categories")->children(); foreach($categories as $category) { ?> <li><a href="<?= $category->url ?>"><?= $category->title ?></a></li> <?;} ?> </ul><!-- /.list .categories --> So on click categories.php will load with url like: site.com/categories/categoryname How do I filter the output? I want to show only the right category, guess based on url.
  9. Another framework-question. This time about: Twitter Bootstrap. Each row consists of 12 column. So: <div class="row"> <div class="span6">Content</div> <div class="span6">Content</div> </div> is the way to go. If you need more than two items, you need more rows (margin-issue): <div class="row"> <div class="span6">Content</div> <div class="span6">Content</div> </div> <div class="row"> <div class="span6">Content</div> <div class="span6">Content</div> </div> I did this: <?php $members = $pages->get("/profil")->children(); foreach($members as $member) { $thumb = $member->about_image; echo ' <div class="span6"> <div class="row-fluid"> <div class="span6 doCenter"> <img src="' . $thumb->url . '" alt="' . $thumb->description . '"/> </div><!-- /.span6 doCenter --> <div class="span6"> <h3 class="vmedium">' . $member->title . '</h3> <span class="vitalic">' . $member->about_job . '</span> </div><!-- /.span6 --> </div><!-- /.row-fluid --> </div><!-- /.span6 --> '; } ?> It's working fine but it output: <div class="row"> <div class="span6">Content</div> <div class="span6">Content</div> <div class="span6">Content</div> <div class="span6">Content</div> </div> So how is it possible to add <div class="row"> before and </div> after two items?
  10. Look at the screenshot, I created lots of options in the backend to make this slider working. So in EE I have one slider-channel with these custom fields and options (screenshot). Each slide is an entry within the channel. I used this plugin http://pixelandtonic.com/matrix to create unlimited number of static fields. Just click on plus and there you have a new row. Each row is a layer of the slide.
  11. At first I wanted to rebuild http://2012.thomassausendesign.de/ but I had big problems with the slider. In EE I could build the slider with some options, take a look at the EE-admin:
  12. Just for training I rebuild my old portfolio-site with ProcessWire. I moved the site from ExpressionEngine to ProcessWire and it was pretty straigthforward: http://2011.thomassausendesign.de/ Ok, it was not a great or difficult site, but my first try.
  13. I like all the ideas. A own custom german build of PW would be great. Luis and me chatted about our idea. And we took also WordPress as an example. But our example is more wpde.org So some benefits of PW,blog (maybe with some tips and tricks), FAQ and something like Director-ee build in. We want to introduce freelancers and agencies who are using PW and want to tell WHY they are using it. So we will interview those who will be listed in this director-ee/network-section.
  14. Just for the records: 1. I registered: processwire-cms.de 2. I got in contact with the guys behind processwire.de and asked them for their plans.
  15. Lars... ups... I meant Luis. Soooorrrrrrrryyyyy processwire-das-beste-opensource-cms-der-welt.de ? PDBOCDW.de hmmm well.... let me think about it Something like: processwire-cms.de could work of course. Processwire as part of the domain is a good solution.
  16. Yeah, it's possible with nth-child. But I think IE doesn't like it
  17. Ok, we will do it. Lars helps me, but we need a good name: processwire.de is taken by another agency. So we need alternatives. Let the brainstorming begin: pwninjas.de pw-deutschland.de pwde.net processwired.de pwinsider.de pwnetwork.de pwcms.de processwire-something seems to be a bit long.
  18. Another question. I'm using a grid and want to show all my portfolio-items in a 3 column grid. Every third item need a last-class. So we had in this topic: <?php $latest_portfolio = $pages->get("/portfolio")->children(); foreach($latest_portfolio as $item) { $thumb = $item->portfolio_image->size(270); echo '<div class="span3"><article class="item"><a href="' . $item->url . '"> <img src="' . $thumb->url . '" alt="' . $thumb->description . '" class="teaser"/></a></article></div>'; } ?> And it's fine. But how do I add on every third item a last class? So there ist: <div class=span3"></div><div class=span3"></div><div class=span3 last"></div>? Need another if-case with hmm modulo operator?
  19. I am really interested. Because I wanted to do the same with EE. And I think PW is a great tool, which need more attention. The most agencies or client doesn't know PW in Germany. So I say "Go to www.processwire.com it's a great tool." First reaction "Well, ok. I never heard about it. Is there a german admin?" "Yeah, of course." "Nice, but I never heard about it. So it's not a reliable solution for my clients?" At the moment I'm glad, that I can show them http://webkrauts.de/artikel/2012/processwire But a whole site, would be better marketing.
  20. So we have both a similiar idea. Blog/info-site for german users and link to this community (forums, api, modules etc). Well, processwire.de is gone, we need processwired.de I'm so bad with names.
  21. I don't think about a german forum or something like this, because I really like the community here. I thought about a german website as a addition to processwire.com not a replacement. A site to present some facts and benefits about PW in german. Further a PW-network-section, in this section pw-professionals would be introduced with short interviews (why the are using PW, what was the their first pw-site etc). So you could tell a client: go to www.processwire.com this is the official website with great community, the api etc., but PW is relevant in Gemrany too, go to domainnanme.de and there you see some facts about the CMS and the community in ypur own language. Maybe a blog could with guest-articles could be nice, just to show, that PW has a active community.
  22. Hi, it seems to me there are some PW-users in Germany, but is there a community site in progress? I am using ExpressionEngine for 5 years now. I did several client projects but had difficulties to "sell" EE to clients. ProcessWire could be my next main-CMS. At the moment I rebuild some of my old sites with ProcessWire. Yesterday I talked to a web agency about PW. They said "Well, PW seems to be great but it's unknown in Germany. We do have work for WordPress, Contao or Joomla." I showed them http://webkrauts.de/artikel/2012/processwire but their reaction was like "Ok, nice. But can you do the next project with Contao or WordPress? Because our clients heard about these CMS before." ExpressionEngine has similiar problems in Germany, but costs money. I worked on a german Community-site für ExpressionEngine, but then EllisLab changed their pricing structure and philosophy. So I'm leaving EE and there will probably never a german EE-site. But what's about a german Community site? Is anybody working on this or would like to participate? -Thomas
  23. Next question is about Slider. A normal slider is not a big deal I think, because you can use Repeater-module or something like that. But how do I manage animated Sliders like http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/royal-slider/animated-blocks/ or http://www.sequencejs.com ? With WordPress no problem, because there are several plugins out there. With ExpressionEngine no problem, because you would do a own content-channel (slider), then adding some custom fields to it. Own field would be a matrix-field (http://pixelandtonic.com/matrix : repeater-deluxe.
  24. I'm working for a client and ProcessWire might be a good choice. But part of the website is gonna be a tumblr-style blog. 1. In WordPress I would do Blog with post formats, each post format would get a own theme. Can I do something similiar with ProcessWire? 2. If i had a blog running with ProcessWire, how well is the tree-architecture? If I had hundreds of blog-posts with different categories, they all within PWs tree? No opportunity to sort by category/date/tag/title? So it's gonna be a mess to look at old entries, right?
  25. I want to display my services which I provided on each portfolio item. I did it this way and it is working <?php if ($page->portfolio_services) { echo "<h3>Services</h3><ul>"; foreach ($page->portfolio_services as $service) { echo "<li>$service->title</li>"; } echo "</ul>"; }?> But "services" should only display, if at least one service is selected. How can I do that? Because it's a array and multiselect, something like <?php if ($page->portfolio_services) { ... } ?> would not work. Any ideas?
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