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  1. Hello, I have a problem with a specific arrangement of conditions in a form. The structure is as follows: -Service #1 (Checkbox) --Specialty #1.1 (Checkboxes list) --Specialty #1.2 --Specialty #1.Other ---Specialty #1.Other (Text field) -Service #2 (Checkbox) --Specialty #2.1 (Checkboxes list) --Specialty #2.2 --Specialty #2.Other ---Specialty #2.Other (Text field) ... The idea is that at least one service and one specialty from the list is selected. If the specialty Other is selected in a section, the text field of the section is required. Visually, on the page, everything works as expected. However, when submitting the form, I lose the values of the text fields in most of the sections. And the funny part is this: If I change the structure by moving the text field up to the top of the relevant service, the form submission is ok, but not a viable solution: -Specialty #1.Other (Text field) -Service #1 (Checkbox) --Specialty #1.1 (Checkboxes list) --Specialty #1.2 --Specialty #1.Other ---Specialty #1.Other (Text field) -Specialty #2.Other (Text field) -Service #2 (Checkbox) --Specialty #2.1 (Checkboxes list) --Specialty #2.2 --Specialty #2.Other ---Specialty #2.Other (Text field) ... It seems that by removing the requirement conditions on all services, the associated text fields also work without having to move them, but again, this is not an option according to the requirements of my client. So, if someone could explain to me why my requirements on services override the section text field except by moving them to the top of the desired section, I would greatly appreciate it. In attachment, an export of the form in question. The first service and speciality text are working but not the other sections. Thanks, exemple.json
  2. Thanks Kogondo, I didn't see this comment. I just saw the one from November 20th talking about the version 0.2.8 on the dev branch. I just tried getMenuItems(1705, 1,['default_title' => 1]) and it works. Thanks again
  3. Hi kogondo, I am a colleague of Spiria. In this exemple, the default language is French. if the profile of the user who modify the menu is english, the url of the item that will be displayed is correct, but not the title.
  4. Hello, to follow up on my previous comment, I would like to know if I can expect an update on this module to fix the current bug or no?
  5. Hello, I have a problem adding menuBuilder to an existing multilingual website. When I create a new menu with a user that is not in "default language", the default menu title is empty. When I try to add new page to the menu with a user that is not in "default language", the titles and url of the new page are those of the second language even for the default tab. I tried to add menuBuilder on a new multilingual PW installation and I have the same behavior. If the user is in default language, everything works has expected. An idea of what I'm doing wrong
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