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  1. Thank you for useful answer. And i understood that you gave base functions for extended using. And logically i tried to implement live search with stadart jQuery function + your module and its must give waited result, but don't. Thanks for the tip about GET, and i tried and it worked not good and only if i placed result php-string from module and separately <div id="se-results"></div>. Sorry for my newbie mistakes.
  2. @Sevarf2 thanks. Interesting reaction: If i delete frome page code <?= $searchEngine->renderResults() ?> string (beacause there is no reaction) and add <div id="se-results"></div> i'll get loaded the same page in the div. To whitch URL i need send POST query to get results (url: "./",)?
  3. Hi. I'll try use jQuery for realize live search on this module. But it doesn't work. I took these code: $(document).ready(function() { var $result = $('#se-results'); $('#se-form').on('keyup', function(){ var q = $(this).val(); if ((q != '') && (q.length > 1)){ $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "./", data: {'q': q}, success: function(msg){ $result.html(msg); if(msg != ''){ $result.fadeIn(); } else { $result.fadeOut(100); } } }); } else { $result.html(''); $result.fadeOut(100); } }); $(document).on('click', function(e){ if (!$(e.target).closest('.search-form').length){ $result.html(''); $result.fadeOut(100); } }); }); What i do wrong? Maybe i use not supported method?
  4. Hello everybody. Nice module look like good continuation of method fieldtype_cache of 2016 . Is it possible to realize showing results with AJAX like on the pics. Results is appearing under input, and last searches stored in the same style and showing when mouse click on input field. And it is good idea for logging searching data for next analize or it can be stored localy.
  5. Hi @Outward. Thanks for the answer. I use 5.6 version. But now i have changed to 7, than it works.
  6. Hi @teppo! I have just installed / downloaded SeachEngine Module on my PW 3.0.148. I got the error: It's bloked PW module area.
  7. Hi, @bernhard Thanx and yes, i have already find answer for the 1 part of my question. And add at the top of frontend template this line: <link rel="stylesheet" href="/site/templates/fontawesome/css/all.css" type="text/css"> But second part is about adding and using ready solution of PW in backend. Preview on screenshot.
  8. Hi, bernhard. Interesting module. But how output the icon to front end page? PW has "Advanced" fields option with icons choose. It works fine for the backend. It will be cool to add it in your module.
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