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  1. Will look into it, thanks for your help @BitPoet, really appreciated.
  2. This mostly worked, but it's left me with an error in /wire/core/Database.php - pretty much as you said in your last line! Exception: DB connect error 9002 - SSL connection is required. Please specify SSL options and retry. (in D:\home\site\wwwroot\wire\core\Database.php line 79) Can this be fed the same SSL override config setting?
  3. Interesting to read your reply, per the other thread I just managed to get PW working with SSL connection to MySQL 8 and have seen the performance absolutely tank. I'm running a tiny site though, so would not expect to see such a shift from lack of query cache, wondering if there might be anything else going on.
  4. Thank you very much for the comprehensive reply, I’ll try this out tomorrow
  5. Could someone point me towards how I can configure this on the ProcessWire end, every attempt I've made so far at enforcing SSL connections from PW to the database have failed.
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