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  1. A great module that works absolutely fine out of the box but I am not happy having the SMTP password in plain text in the database. Is there maybe a reason I am just not getting why this is necessary?
  2. @dragan Thank you, that's very helpful. I assumed it must be possible but haven't purchased FB yet so wouldn't have found those. Good to know this is doable though. I'll get a license now and take a look in the FB board.
  3. I hope this is the right place for this question having read a lot but not found the answer in any other threads or the docs. I have only been working eith PW for a few weeks and am really impressed with what is doable so easily and flexibly. That having been said I am still getting to grips with how things are done the PW way. I specifically need multiple front end forms that will enable front end only users to populate and also update certain (profile) fields in the user template. Is this doable more or less out of the box with the Form Builder plugin? Creating new users seems easily done but updating existing profile fields too? I have the Login-Register-Pro Module but this doesn't provide the flexibility needed for this as it is based around a single page.
  4. Fantastic, thank you, much obliged. That works perfectly! I was putting the array_unique in the wrong place and just couldn't work out how to leave out the current page.
  5. Sorry to resurrect this topic several years later. This works well but I am trying to a) prevent the displayed list of pages from showing the current page as well and b) also to only show each visited page once in the list. My attempts with array_unique have failed so far. Any tips?
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