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  1. Same here, I ended up rolling back to an earlier version of PW to import pages. I hope it can be updated; it's a really useful module.
  2. Thanks, that helped! Here's what worked in the end. $allFields = $page->getFields(); foreach ($allFields as $related){ if (strpos($related, 'related') === 0) { //get just the fields that start with related foreach ($related as $tag){ echo "<a href='$tag->url'>$tag->title</a>"; } } }
  3. Hello! I suspect I'm overlooking something simple, but I'm trying to loop through several page reference fields at once. However, this only returns results from related_1. $tags = $page->getFields('name=related_1|related_2|related_3'); foreach($tags as $tag) { echo "<a href='$tag->url'>$tag->title</a>"; }
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