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    Have you cleared AIOM cache. Then path for css-file changes and template shows the old css-path (if template is cached).
  2. Hi! Is it possible to reference container page from within PageTable for Inputfield Depencies purposes? For example I have field called "First name" in a page inside a PageTable and I want that field to show on editor only if the template of the container page is certain type.
  3. Thanks for greate module! One proplem, in PW 2.5.2 after installing this I get 'Template "permission" is not allowed here.' error when adding new permissions.
  4. Thank you, that fixes the problem and as mentioned PW 2.4 now delete those fields containing 1970's timestamp. Strangely though in PW version 2.3 those pages did not get unpublished but in 2.4 they did.
  5. Something strange happened when I updated PW 2.3.0 -> 2.4.0. All pages got unpublished. When I looked to database all pages had these values 1970-01-01 02:00:00 in "field_publish_until" field. This may be something to do with datefield default values in PW 2.4...
  6. maybe something like this: $matches = $pages->find("body~=searchstring"); foreach ($matches as $m) { // container page $pages->get("somepagetable.name=$m->name"); }
  7. Maybe you shoud change this <div id="site-headline" class="twelve columns alpha"> to this <div id="site-headline" class="eight columns alpha"> and add new div after that with class="four columns alpha" or something like that?
  8. Ok, this seems to work: $modules->resetCache(); $modules->get("MyModule");
  9. Hi, I like to install my module like this $modules->get("MyModule"); This seems to work fine if I have clicked "check for new modules" link and the module is visible in modules admin tab. If the module is not already visible there, module does not get installed. Is there a way around this?
  10. Hi, I need permissions for certain users that they can delete pages with certain templates and not with other kind of templates. They need to be able to edit these templates but not delete them. What would be the best way to achieve this or is this even possible?
  11. It seem's that when you add link in link field to another site and leave "http://" from the start the link doesn't work. I use PW 3.0.
  12. Really should have tested with more dimensions, removeVariations() did the trick. Good to know for future use, thank you very much
  13. Thanks! It seem's that maxwidth and maxheight need to be equal values like this: size( 100, 100, array('cropping'=>false) ); This is not working $item->image->size(120, 50, $options);
  14. Hi, I have set image cropping to false like this: $options = array( 'upscaling' => true, 'cropping' => false, 'quality' => 90 ); <- this is from the cheatsheet $thumb = $item->image->size(120, 50, $options); ...for some reason image gets cropped anyway. I'm using processwire 2.3.0. Does this work only if width or height is 0?
  15. Hi, I try to remove the publish button from certain role so that only admin users can publish a page. This role needs only to create, edit and save pages. Can this be done for example by hooking ProcessPageEdit?
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