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  1. Hi @Noel Boss, Thank you so much for the plugin! I'm still trying to figure out how to make it do precisely what I need it to do, so I just have a quick question about formatting. Basically I'm trying to get this kind of json output: [ { "title": "Paul Rand", "year": [ "1993" ], "authors": [ "Abrams, Janet" ], "categories": [ "Criticism", "Design", "Design Histories" ] } ] But I'm getting this instead: { paul-rand: { title: "Paul Rand", year: [ "1993" ], authors: [ "Abrams, Janet" ], categories: [ "Criticism", "Design", "Design Histories" ] } } This is the query I'm currently using: header("Content-type: application/json"); $modules->get('PageQueryBoss')->debug = true; $query = [ 'title', 'year.title#year', 'authors.title#authors', 'categories.title#categories' ]; echo $pages->find('template=book, sort=authors.title')->pageQueryJson($query); Is there some setting I'm missing, or is the problem with how I'm structuring the query?
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