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  1. Hi, as a passionate PW user and web developer for small company websites I am searching for a video hosting solution which has a good playback performance and where I can host also large videos. Sure, we all know we can just upload videos to the PW backend and then implement it on the website. But - at least on the servers I am using - the playback performance is to weak (to much waiting time). And I am also sure we all know Vimeo (great playback performance). But as a developer coming from Europe who puts importance on respecting privacy laws (GDPR), Vimeo is not really a option for hosting your videos, since it is an US company. Therefore my question: Which solution do you use for video hosting? Do you know providers comparable with Vimeo (regarding price and performance) but coming from the EU? I know, video hosting is not necessarily a processwire related issue, but I hope you can help me though. Cheers!
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