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  1. Hi everyone, first of all: thanks to all contributors of Processwire. I have been using Processwire for years, I am enjoying it a lot and meanwhile it is the only CMS I am using for my clients websites. In our agency we spend a lot of time to turn graphic template files into HTML and CSS - by coding it manually. I really would like to speed up this process in order to have more time to develop really cool stuff. Do you use any AI helpers or some tools to speed up the process of turning graphic template files into HTML and CSS? Best
  2. Hello everyone! My hosting provider (shared hosting) will upgrade to Mysql 8.0.33 next month. I am using Processwire 3.0.200. Has anyone experience with Mysql 8.0.33? Does anyone know if there are issues with it?
  3. Thank you for your reply @horst. Exactly, the module "Animated GIF Image Sizer" was shipped within the PW core. This is how i installed it: In the backend i went to module > core. Then I scrolled to the module "Animated GIF Image Sizer", then clicked on the "Install" Button next to it. Then the module page opened and I clicked on the "Submit" Button in the upper right corner. OK, I tried enabled the debug mode, then deleted the cached versions of the GIF, and reloaded the frontend in order to re-regenerate the resized GIF. It's strange, because in setup > logs > image-sizer I am getting this message which seems to be fine: AnimatedGif Resized: rocket.gif => rocket.453x575.gif (453x575) 0.1704 secs 154457 => 36848 bytes (quality=80, sharpening=soft) I am not getting any error messages or something, but the resized GIF is still not animated. Any idea, what it could be?
  4. Hi guys, unfortunately i don't get working the animated GIF resizing with the module "Animated GIF Image Sizer" - even after following recommandations in other forum posts regarding this topic. I have installed the module "Animated GIF Image Sizer" on a website that runs on Processwire 3.0.184 and PHP 8.1 on a shared hosting server. The GIF I am working with is 150 KB and 512x512 px. Of course I also deleted the cached images before generating the resized GIF. As I read in the forum it should be enough to install the module and then use the normal API calls, like $image->width(320). Unfortunately the GIF after resizing is just converted into a static GIF, no animation. Any ideas, what I am doing wrong? Is there maybe something very basic I was missing? Is there some other module thats has to be installed in addition?
  5. Hey folks, after updating one of my websites to PW 3.0.200, going to the Processwire admin panel and klicking on "setup > logs > session" (same with "> messages" etc.) fires the following error: Exception: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1104 The SELECT would examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows; check your WHERE and use SET SQL_BIG_SELECTS=1 or SET MAX_JOIN_SIZE=# if the SELECT is okay (in wire/core/PagesPathFinder.php line 356) Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Best
  6. @Gideon So Thanks for that input, I didn't know that the API can be accessed also by much simpler scripts withou using the library. @kongondo No, it's not one-off. The product import should be each 15 minutes or so via cronjob. I have edited my post to explain it better.
  7. Hi folks, for a client of mine, I am considering to build a solution to import Shopify producsts via Shopify API into the Processwire backend, creating pages for each product. This task should be repeated each 15 minutes or so via cronjob, to keep the product list up to date. Reading the Shopify API docs I found out that among the many Shopify APIs these two libraries could be the right ones: Shopify API Library for PHP https://github.com/Shopify/shopify-api-php PHP Shopify SDK https://github.com/phpclassic/php-shopify Is there anybody in the forum who has experience with those libraries, or who knows which one of the libraries is better to get the job done? Has anyone already build a Processwire module to do that?
  8. Hi, as a passionate PW user and web developer for small company websites I am searching for a video hosting solution which has a good playback performance and where I can host also large videos. Sure, we all know we can just upload videos to the PW backend and then implement it on the website. But - at least on the servers I am using - the playback performance is to weak (to much waiting time). And I am also sure we all know Vimeo (great playback performance). But as a developer coming from Europe who puts importance on respecting privacy laws (GDPR), Vimeo is not really a option for hosting your videos, since it is an US company. Therefore my question: Which solution do you use for video hosting? Do you know providers comparable with Vimeo (regarding price and performance) but coming from the EU? I know, video hosting is not necessarily a processwire related issue, but I hope you can help me though. Cheers!
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