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  1. anderson

    Thanks for your help. I'll start over and be careful with database.
  2. anderson

    Thank you, sir.
  3. anderson

    Hi, Just started all this. With laragon, I built a site to c:\laragon\www\, with Beginner profile. After creating several pages, I built another tutorial site to c:\laragon\www\helloworld\, this time with Blank profile. (I used all the same admin and mysql user/pswd as the other site. ) Then I walked through the learning process, planet earth, etc...... everything ok, learning done. But when I got back to the other site, admin login failed, and http://localhost points to that tutorial site. So, multiple sites are not possible with laragon? Is there any way I could fix it ? I don't want to lose those work I did. Thanks.
  4. anderson

    Beautiful! I'll try to learn.
  5. anderson

    Thank you,sir. hello world tuts? not yet, I'll do it. dev environment? Great! That's the next question I plan to ask. I appreciate your help.
  6. anderson

    OK. UiKit3? already on it.
  7. anderson

    I'll learn. And thanks again, I appreciate it. Though I know nothing about coding, I'm good at photography photoshop, if you guys need anything, just ask.
  8. anderson

    You guys are so nice, first day I begin to love this place. And exactly, this video tuts I was watching is from your post! At the end of that thread, @Kiwi Chris talked about Bootstrap. I only heard about bootstrap, is it mainly about fitting PC,tablet and cellphone screen? If so, I am very interested, I could start my site base on that. Any bootstrap template/theme/profile recommendation? ---- my site will be a very simple one for a friend for his personal business, just like a business card.
  9. anderson

    Thank you, sir.
  10. anderson

    WOW, thanks so much for your detailed help!
  11. anderson

    Hi all, I'm a new to website building. Learned some CRASH course of js,jquery,php. Then I found CMS. Still learning around forum, youtube.... Anyway, please help me with some beginer questions: 1, About template - please correct me if I understand wrong : every page should be (or recommended) built on a template. So if in total I'll have 10 pages, 2 of them have same layout, I'll need 9 templates. And, what fields a page includes, is not defined in page, but defined in the template that page uses. 2, Where to see what modules I've installed? is it in "Modules - Site"? 3, I installed "PageTable Extended", then what? As in a youtube tutorial, it should appear in Setup tab, but it doesn't. What's in there: templates,fields,logs,comments. (I installed "Uikit 3 site_blog profile".) 4, I did a search in Processwire website for the famous "repeater matrix" module, and can not find it, there's a Repeater, as well as a Matrix. Is it not a module? 5, I watched this youtube tuts: Anybody familiar with this tuts please help: After he analysed a target webpage layout he wanted to mimic, he created some fields, some template, then based on those he created a page and input some "content" in there, then clicked "view", it's just some text. So, here comes my question, he copied a folder "assets" (subfolders are: css,fonts,js,img) over, then the page have the appearance/layout he wanted to mimic. Where does that assets folder come from? Appreciate any help.